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Daily Bull 11.13.13

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So it's pretty much these two, then. Andy Hutchins takes a look at the now seemingly two-man Heisman race with regards to how Winston has already been crowned by many even though he's got the ultimate wildcard on his tail.

On our favorite ESPN personality: go ahead and add your own caption if you are so inclined. Some of these are excellent.

Staying on script. As if the off-season weren't going to be long enough, we're already hearing pearls of NFL wisdom on Manziel's ability. FORMULA: interview another short QB, mention his proneness to injury, and be sure to call it "the league." Oh and let's discuss off-field attitude in those comments because the NFL is full of gentlemen of sterling character.

2-0. The men's basketball team knocked off Mississippi Valley State on Monday behind a Kourtney Roberson double-double for their second win of the year. They'll face Rice on Friday. The women will look to move to 2-0 tonight against PVAMU after an opening night win in Denton against North Texas on Monday.

Enjoy. The FanPost version of the TAILGATE is coming along shortly this morning and it's full of fun times and goodness.