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Daily Bull 11.12.13

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy bye week Tuesday, all. We've got one more day until another special Fanposter Tailgate (the last one was tremendous), so hang in there and we'll slug through today.

Talking ARN BOW. KDS was in Birmingham yesterday to speak to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club and lend his unique insight in having both beaten and lost to Alabama and Auburn in the past two seasons. The club was reportedly afraid to invite Mike Evans.

"The ultimate rogue." I kind of like that. Dennis Dodds isn't concerned about the white noise, or anything but who the greatest college football player is, and it's clear to him that it's Manziel. We will not see another player like this for a very long time, so enjoy it. We were there, although we might not recognize the magnitude right away. ColoradoAg was able to somehow put it into words.

SO MUCH MACTION. I love this time of year because we get mid-week football. If you're like me and look forward to  watching 62-55 shootouts in massive fogbanks and sleet on Tuesday nights for no other reason that " football!" then head over to Hustle Belt for the lowdown on this week's matchups. There are four total MAC games tonight and tomorrow.