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Daily Bull 11.11.13

Nostalgia, footbaw, and sincere thanks to the Veterans.

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KICKIN' ASS, LADIES. One of my favorite things about the SEC besides obesity and an unhealthy relationship with 19 year old football players is the lack of men's soccer. However, I will always support women's soccer and the Aggie ladies capped a regular season SEC title by winning the league tournament. The gals will find out this afternoon where they're headed for the NCAA tourney. Good bull.

HOME (ORLANDO?) FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Our good ol' pal Jason Kirk released new bowl projections and he has the Aggies going to the land of strip malls, tourist traps, and fanny packs. Yes, Orlando. If you have the opportunity to go to Florida WITHOUT ocean you oblige. Anyhow, I'd bet a few shiny nickels that we're either going to Capital One, Cotton, or... Sugar. If the Ags win out, the Sugar Bowl would have a mighty hard time not taking a 10 win program that will sell all its tickets in a matter of minutes. I guess Johnny makes for pretty good TV or so I'm told as well.

MORE STUFF TO PREMATURELY RAGE OVERNew BCS Standings dropped last night and the Ags sashayed up to the 11 spot. We're drafting nicely behind surging Auburn and MY GOD how did we lose to Auburn? Anyway, the last few weeks of November are reliable for a few upsets out of nowhere so this is just some Bye Week fodder for you cretins.

MISC. As mentioned, it's Bye Week so we'll have a hard time keeping the FanPosters in the asylum and away from THE TAILGATE. The game time for LSU should be announced sometime today. I so badly want and don't want a night game. YESSIR stuff.

Finally, a massive thank you to each Veteran of this great country. You are the very epitome of Good Bull. Have a great day, gang.