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Daily Bull 11.1.13

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Holy hell, it's November already. Where has the season gone? Halloween was a bit quiet in the Johnny department as compared to last year, but we did piece together the best Manziel costumes we saw last night. Got more good ones? Let's see 'em in the comments.

#29. 12th Man Magazine's Rusty Burson gives us an in-depth look at Deshazor Everett. And yes, they even discussed #FreeDeshazor.

SEC subplots. Saturday Down South reads into what's going on this week around the conference, including a noticeable upswing in a certain team's defensive performance.

Block Study. Sam Khan, Jr. takes an interesting look at how Manziel's scrambling game affects the offensive line and how they've managed to adapt and succeed.

SEC Champs. Congrats to the soccer team in earning a share of their first ever conference title.


Defensive touchdown gif!