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Daily Bull 10.9.13

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Yes, it's TAILGATE DAY, where we have to see if we can get back into form after the FanPosters crushed it last week.

Sorry it's not brand-new but it's interesting anyway. Forbes takes a look at Sumlin's management approach, especially when elite talent is involved. (Thanks to monee2000 for posting in the DB yesterday, and also to thacktor for sending it to me around the same time. There, all credit given.)

PLAYOFFS?!?!?! Former A&M and Alabama coach Gene Stallings was somewhat critical of some of the selections for members of the college football playoff committee in a recent interview with Tim Brando.  He had this to say:

"I'm getting a little concerned about getting some people that are not as qualified as I would like to see to make the decisions on this committee," Stallings said. "And I'm worried about that."

Though he didn't mention names, it's gotta be Mike Tranghese, right? A Big East Commissioner is way underqualified, especially the one who let the conference implode.

TG will be up soon, don't worry. In the meantime, close your eyes and envision this happening in Oxford: