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Daily Bull 10.7.13

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We interrupt this bye week to bring you football again. It's Ole Miss week which means lots of hair jokes, Bo Wallace jokes, Bo Wallace hair jokes, and more than likely some Faulkner bantering with Red Cup Rebellion. Ole Miss is also on a two-game slide after falling to Auburn on Saturday so we can joke about that too. So there will be jokes.

Ouch. The good news is that Mike Evans is mostly recovered from the slight injury in the Arkansas game. The non-so-good news is that Darian Claiborne will probably miss Ole Miss with a thigh bruise, and Kirby Ennis' knee might keep him out even longer, accoring to Sam Khan of ESPN.

Week 6. Team Speed Kills recaps the slate of fairly ugly games from this past Saturday and gives some injury updates. Things don't look great for Georgia in that category. And oh yeah...Missouri is 5--0.

What we want football to be. A good first look at how the SEC has suddenly transformed into a conference stacked with high-octane offenses.

Happy Monday, everyone. If you weren't around much last week, be sure to catch up on all the excellent FanPosts we featured.