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Bye Week Football Watching Open Thread

What's everyone checking out today? Let's talk non-Aggie games for once.

Ethan Miller

Alright, so it's Saturday but there's no A&M game today. It feels sort of hollow since we didn't really have a bye week last season. This is our first of two this season, which is a huge bonus for the players and coaches, even if we as fans must suffer. So let's talk generic college football and compare notes on what we're watching.

If you need a guide, cuppycup has you covered with his comprehensive Week 6 thread. It's full of times and TV networks if you need it.


  • Kansas is beating Texas Tech. I would rejoice in this news much more if Kliff weren't the coach.
  • Florida State is handling Maryland. Yeah, the Terps probably shouldn't have been ranked.
  • Iowa/Michigan State is a black hole of football. Do not watch this game under any circumstances.
  • Rutgers is running away from SMU.
  • Air Force-Navy is the closest game on the docket at the moment. Probably your best option (see what I did there)
  • And of course the Alabama-Georgia State game is on with Andre Ware calling the plays. It's 35-0 in the 2nd quarter so go ahead and skip this one.
  • Oh, and I've just received word that Illinois has scored a safety just before halftime to cut the Nebraska lead to 23-5. B1G SCOREBOARDS ALL ROUND.

What else is interesting? It's Saturday, so let's dish some football talk.