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Daily Boo 10.31.13

Spooky bull to start your day.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Trick or treat? Here's a treat.

That's a beautiful helmet, isn't it? Put that image in your proverbial pillowcase and go on about your merry way.

Ever hear the stories of a specter lurking about the Animal Industries Building? Well, our very own former yell leader Fletcher Massie reveals the truth in his ghoulish story. Man, I wish I wasn't writing this at 11 PM. Now I'm goign to be up all night checking for ghosts under the bed. Oh, sometimes I write these the night before. SORRY TO PULL BACK THE CURTAIN!

The good Dr. Norris Camacho participated in the second ever UTEP Sports Talk podcast called "The Rush." They kick around Aggie Defense talk and the legend of Johnny Football. If you need another hour of sports talk in your life, I'd recommend firing up this bad boy along with your weekly dosage of Hunter and Derek.

If you don't get SpreadsheetAg your picks by the end of the day, he will program an Excel model so advanced that it'll kill us all. Go ahead, try him. TRY HIM!

The Tailgate went up yesterday, and if you missed it, you missed a fairly epic Halloween candy discussion in the comments, some Deep Thoughts and some absurd google searches. Please enjoy.

There's your Halloween Daily Boo. See, I changed the title from "Daily Bull" to "Daily Boo" because it's Halloween. If I get it on Thanksgiving, it'll probably be called the "Daily Foul" or something turkey related. If it's Christmas, I'll likely call it the "Donner Blitzen" because those reindeer have the same first initials as "Daily Bull." Get it? You get it.