Best Halloween Photo of 2013: Hot Girls Re-enact Manziel Scooby Doo Photo

A brilliant Halloween reenactment photo features @CDLxoxo as Scooby Doo Johnny Manziel and @Kellie_Lynn2013 as his temptress.

Kellie told us that her and Caitlyn have been planning and working on the costume for two weeks. The reenactment photo in the Hookah Lounge "just came naturally." The duo dressed up a day early to enter a costume contest at Foundation Lounge and the results were still pending at the time we posted this article. Let's assume they won.

UPDATE: They didn't win the costume contest. Do we need to start a letter-writing campaign to Foundation Lounge?

The side-by-side comparison of the photos is perfect.


Sorry guys, it's over. They won Halloween.

...and here's a #CashinOut pic for good measure.


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