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Daily Bull 10.30.13

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Why not Mike? That's what Coach Sumlin's wondering. If it's good enough for KDS, it's good enough for me. Of course it would take a Herculean effort for him to be a finalist, but what the hell have we been seeing so far? I don't imagine having two sophomores in NYC for the ceremony would damage recruiting efforts in any way.

STATS, STATS, STATS. Jason Z with an interesting look at how our 2013 offense stacks up against the 2012 offense. SPOILER: they're both pretty good.

Speaking of receivers. Someone's finally paying attention to the rest of the guys, especially Kennedy and Walker, who are combining for another 100 yards per game between the two of them.

On the defense. Snyder discusses defensive line personnel, Sumlin on facing UTEP's new coach, and several other snippets from yesterday's press conference.

The ladies' pumpkin. We've already seen tiny kid Kingsbury, now it's time for Kliff in jack-o-lantern form.

Buckle up. The TAILGATE is coming.