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Daily Bull 10.3.13

Wesley Hitt

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Good morning all you faithful GBHers and welcome to your daily dose of bull. I came here to drink coffee and kick ass. I'm all out of ass at the moment, so I'll just dump a bunch of links here for your morning amusement.

Have you seen what's happened here at Good Bull Hunting this week? The fanposters have taken over and provided us a one week respite from our normal duties... and they are killing it. Seriously. Dey took arr jerbs.

BYE  WEEK TAILGATE: I knew that Fletcher Maisse and crew were going to take Stewade's beloved creation and run with it for a week. I knew these guys would do a great job. I did not expect THIS. The lawyering. They ACL hipster breakdown. The whole damn thing, there's just too much. They hit a home run. Out. Of. The. Park.

Meet Kerrvatious Women: Whoopy provides you everything you need to know about visiting the magical town of Kerrville. TFND.

GUB'MENTSHUTDOWNFULLBACK: I stole that joke right there from someone on twitter. Feel free to claim your humor in the comments. TB wrote another brilliant piece of satire here about Mack Brown's lost wages during the shutdown.

TELCO AAAAAG! TELCO AAAAGGGGG! (to the Trojan jingle): Telco does a great job providing these press conference breakdowns every week. Get in there and get your Kevin Sumlin fix.

Aggies, as always, make it a great one. Discuss how awesome our fanposters are in the comments below.