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Texas A&M vs. Vanderbilt - GIF Replay

A replay of the Texas A&M vs Vanderbilt game through GIFs and Twitter commentary.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Aggies completely slaughtered the Vanderbilt Commodores if you look at the box score. If you were fortunate enough to watch it live, you had a sinking feeling in your stomach part of the way through the third quarter. I know this is a bit harsh, but I felt very Shermatose in the second half. Let's replay the game through GIFs and Twitter commentary to get a feel for the flow of the game.

Like most games this year, Texas A&M took the ball down the field on their opening possession for a touchdown. Manziel was a perfect 9/9 for 62 yards before hitting Derel Walker on this 8 yard cross.


If there were any questions about Johnny's health, they were answered on that drive.

After a three and out by our defense (no typo) it was A&M's turn to drive again. A drive that started on the Aggies' 34-yard line moved up the field on a 32 yard reception by Derel Walker and consecutive 10+ yard gashes from Trey Williams. After that, we met LaQuivonte Gonzalez for the first time today.


Another stalled drive for Vanderbilt gave Texas A&M the opportunity to completely blow this game open with three quarters left to play. A drive that started on the A&M 20 showed that field position doesn't really matter when you have a guy like Mike Evans who will just go over the top for a 43 yard TD.


This game felt completely out of control at this point. A proposed NCAA rule change felt warranted.

The proceeding Vanderbilt drive was stopped on a 3 and out by an A&M defense that looked much improved today. Even Vanderbilt's special teams unit couldn't help out, as they gave A&M a short field after a 17-yard punt.


For the past week, everyone wanted the Aggies to run the ball more. They got their wish in this game as Trey Williams punched it in from 11 yards out for A&M's fourth consecutive TD drive.


The Aggie offense was humming along like usual, and the defense was playing mostly lights out. Even though this game looked to be over, trying to apply the transitive property to anything here will still lead to mental exhaustion.

On their next drive, Vanderbilt finally got on the board with a 23-yard field goal from Carey Spear. Unfortunately it didn't rally the troops, as the Commodores looked completely disinterested by this point.


Sometimes in sports, when things aren't going your way, you try to find something to blame. I don't personally believe in "the bad luck guy," but if one exists, he made his presence known on Saturday.

As if by some kind of sorcery, that's exactly what Vanderbilt did, recovering an onside kick to start up another drive.


In just four plays, an offense that was being thoroughly shutdown most of the day came back to life on a 30 yard touchdown pass from Patton Robinette to Jonathan Krause.


That tweet about sums it up.

After an unsuccessful drive by the A&M offense, Vanderbilt found themselves in a 4th and 5 at the A&M 34-yard line. They were way behind, so there was no way they weren't going for it.

Mark Snyder knows that this defense hasn't had much luck shutting down opponents in moments like these this year. It was fun watching him pumped up for this play, as he had to be dragged back to the sidelines by one of his assistants.


The Aggies delivered. This stop felt like a turning point for this defense. So many times, the Aggie defense would give up this play, allowing opponents to come back after being blown out early.


Our defense triumphed, and then this crap happened.


The Manziel interception took the wind out of the sails of everyone. The fans at home, the A&M defense. What happened next felt very familiar this year. Vanderbilt inched closer after a toss to Jerron Seymour went for four yards and another Vanderbilt touchdown. Texas A&M 28. Vanderbilt 17.


"It's ok, were still up by two scores," said everyone at home.

With a drive left in the half, A&M crossed midfield. Even if the drive didn't end in points, it felt positive. Then it didn't.


Trey Williams put the ball on the ground with just a handful of seconds to go in the half. Texas A&M has just committed it's second turnover in 2 minutes. Vanderbilt took a knee, trotted into the locker room probably feeling better than they should.


We, the Battered Aggies, were left to sweat the next 20 minutes.

It felt like the game was over. It's funny looking back on the game now, but thank goodness for our defense.

On the first play of Vanderbilt's opening second half drive, Howard Matthews baited Robinette into throwing him the ball for a pick 6. All of the self-loathing stink started to lift away immediately.


Even on Vandy's next drive, when Vanderbilt decided to try for another fourth down conversion, the A&M defense stepped up. It wasn't Deshazor Everett, Floyd Raven, or Howard Matthews. This stop belonged to Donnie Baggs, and it felt good.


Everything felt like it was back on track. Three score lead, A&M driving with the ball inside Vanderbilt's 10 yard line, and then... WHAT THE #$)*.


Inexplicably, Labhart gets the ball punched out and Vanderbilt recovered past the goal line. All of the good emotions coming from the defense turned sour again.

As if life couldn't be any sicker. Vanderbilt goes three and out on the proceeding drive. A&M decided to the hand the ball to Tra Carson. Tra the truck. T-Tra. Tra-in Car. The dude who hasn't fumbled all year.


5 Turnovers. 5.

We led by 28 points, and it still felt like Vanderbilt could come back. The A&M defense, proving that it could help keep an offensive lead, got Vanderbilt to come out for another 4th down conversion. What happened next is something I have never seen before. Somehow, our own stupidity couldn't match that of the smart kids from Vandy.


It took stupid to break stupid. A five yard pooch punt is what it finally took to break the Texas A&M offense's fumble streak, and that was really the end of the game.

The A&M offense drove the remaining half of the field for the second Derel Walker touchdown on the day, this one from 14 yards out.Aggie_td_6

It was visor time for Johnny, well, almost.

A&M kept rolling after that. The defense buckled down, and an interception by Nate Askew gave the offense a short field to work with. Not to be outdone by Derel Walker, Mike Evans caught his second touchdown pass of the day.


Matt Joeckel's second drive didn't get anywhere, and Sumlin decided to give Kenny Hill a few minutes in the game.

In what will be a combination to watch for next year, Kenny Hill put a 17-yard dime into LaQuivonte Gonzalez's hands, and converted a tough 3rd down.


After taking the team down the field, Kenny Hill handed the ball off to the talented Brandon Williams, and let him scamper in for an 8 yard touchdown.


It's hard to figure out what to say after this game. It was absolutely gut wrenching watching our offense keep feeding the ball to Vanderbilt. Our defense found a whole new level, and played almost shutdown football. It was good to see that, when our offense gets completely out of sync, our defense can step in and give them a hand.

Nope. On to the next one.