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Selected Tweets from angry Arkansas fans over Eluemunor flip

Twitter's cockroaches always surface after negative news breaks for their teams. Let's shine a light on Arkansas fans who tweeted at offensive tackle Jermaine Eluemunor after he flipped his commitment from Arkansas to Texas A&M today.

Wesley Hitt

Just two days ago, we looked at the lowest lifeforms of Twitter who sent messages to Missouri's kicker after he missed an attempt to tie the game in second overtime. Now let's look at some Arkansas fans who did not handle Jermaine Eluemunor's announcement that he was committing to Texas A&M very well. It looks like I may need to update my Booster's Guide to Tweeting Recruits soon.

I want to point out that many Arkansas fans tweeted their best wishes and several others tried to self-police the ones making negative comments. With that, I bring you today's edition of The Worst People on Twitter.

Deleted since the post went up: