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Vanderbilt vs. Texas A&M: Preview and Open Game Thread

If you're following the Aggies vs. Vandy from home, be sure to join in on our comments section!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

At 11:21 am CT, the Vanderbilt Commodores and your Fightin' Texas Aggies will start playing morning football. The game will be broadcast on SEC-TV which means the TV Channel is going to be different depending on your region. Here is the full list of SEC-TV affiliates in a PDF.

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If you live in Texas and don't want to click the PDF (lazy!), here are some affiliates in the sliver:

  • Bryan-College Station: KBTX (CBS)
  • Houston: KUBE
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth: KTXA
  • Austin: KBVO (MNT)
  • San Antonio: KMYS (CW)

You can view our Hub for the game which includes all of our related content here.

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