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Aggie Ticket Pull: Student Attendance for Vanderbilt

Making a case for the current students to GET TO THE GAME.

There is a reason the 12th Man is one of the greatest traditions in all of college football. Rain or shine, win or lose, Fran or no Fran, we are standing at every game in support of our team. Texas A&M boasts the largest student section in the nation at 29,736 reserved seats and the noise levels at Kyle Field can cause havoc for any visiting offense. I realize our last 4 losses have come at home, but that is all the more reason to show up to games energized. Texas A&M students MAKE the atmosphere. It doesn't just materialize out of thin air. Apathy can destroy the energy in the stadium just like enthusiasm can electrify it.

As of this morning there were still 3,000 student tickets available for tomorrow's game against Vanderbilt. That is 10% of the student section. Current Students: pull your tickets and get to the game. You don't have a legitimate excuse not to attend, but you are welcome to try me. These don't count:

11.  Desire for Billy Pickard to copy Baylor and put a tarp over our 3rd deck.
10.  Still grieving over G. Rollie.  It's too soon... too soon...
9.    Boycotting until end zones read TEXAS AGGIES again.
8.    Kickoff time too early to wake up for, too late to stay up for.
7.    Commodoraphobia.
6.    Don't want your money to go to Big Anchor.
5.    Still shaken up from seeing Mike Evans hurdle the jumbotron during practice.
4.    Already have enough tomatoes.
3.    Can't find entrance to GBH World Headquarters.
2.    Playing hard to get in the hopes that Johnny will stay.
1.    BAS - Beaten by Auburn Syndrome

Why you should go:

1) You are witnessing greatness. We may never see this level of stardom in Kyle Field ever again. After a season riddled with injuries, no one would blame Johnny Manziel for taking his talents to the NFL next year. Also, when was the last time an Aggie receiver was able to put up 275+ receiving yards in a game? Never. That's when. Mike Evans has done it TWICE this season, both in Kyle Field. You have only 3 more chances to watch this tandem. Enjoy it.

2) How quickly we forget. Current undergraduate students have experienced either just Coach Sumlin or a combination of Coach Sherman and Sumlin. My senior year (Sherman's first) we went 4-8. Think about that. Texas A&M still has 5 games left and they have already won more games than that 2008 squad. Don't let a few heartbreaking losses to very good opponents discourage you. Our team needs your support now more than ever.

3) You are a student at Texas A&M. It is your obligation to carry on the passion that holds the Aggie fan base in such
high esteem.

This is an important game. A chance for the Aggies to rebound after a hard fought loss to Auburn and still lead us to a 10-2 regular season. I will be attending. Will you?

Click here for student ticket pull information.