No Excuses, 12th Man

I heard a nasty rumor yesterday that 3,000 student tickets haven't been pulled for this Saturday's game against Vanderbilt. Well, that has to be a bunch of BS because there is no good reason for a student to miss a home football game at Kyle Field. And I'll prove it by breaking down the lame excuses.

Excuse #1: It's Vanderbilt

Who cares who the opponent is? You don't come to Kyle Field for the opponent - you are there for your Aggies. And this team DESERVES for its fellow students to be there - no matter the opponent, the weather or the kickoff time.

In reality, Vanderbilt is an SEC opponent and one the Aggies have never played before. Why not witness history being made when these two teams meet for the first time?

In case you have been living under a rock, our football team consists of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, the future Biletnikoff winner, a slew of 1st round NFL talent, and the most coveted Head Coach we've had since Bear Bryant. Is that not enough for you to show up on Saturday? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? What if I told you that this Saturday is one of the last games that you will see some of those players in the maroon & white?

When I was a student, my home games included such gems as Tulsa and Middle Tennessee State. Do you think that kept me from showing up? Hell, no! And we didn't have a Heisman Trophy winner to dazzle us play after play either. We did have a filthy trio of running backs and a stout defense, though, and nothing could've have kept me away from Kyle Field on a Saturday.

Excuse #2: It's an early kickoff

Well, la-de-freaking-da cry me a river. The last time I checked, 11:21am is not "early". You'll learn soon enough my dear young Aggie, but in Life After College, 11:21am is practically lunchtime.

Here's your schedule for Saturday: wake up, do the walk of shame home (if applicable), grab something semi-clean to wear and get your butt to the stadium. Tailgate after the game and then take a rally nap before your Saturday evening festivities. Need a Bloody Mary recipe to perk you up? I've got you covered.

Excuse #3: I'm going home for the weekend

Listen up boys and girls, I've got a secret for you. College Station IS your home. And your fellow students are your family. You can go home in November for the bye weekend and you will get plenty of time with your family during Thanksgiving. In fact, you will probably haul ass back to College Station after a week of solid family time, amiright?

Allow me to let you in on another secret: soon after graduation and moving away, you will yearn desperately to call College Station "home" again. You will obsessively scan the TAMU System job postings website and concoct crazy scenarios to try to move back to A&M. So, take advantage of these home games now while you still can.

Excuse #4: I need to study

Holy crap, please tell me this isn't a real excuse. The only test you have on Saturday is finding out how loud you can yell while our defense is on the field without popping a vocal cord.

Honestly, if you are having to skip a football game on a Saturday morning to study, then you probably need to re-evaluate your time management skills and/or major.

Excuse #5 - #Infinity: ???????

I really can't even think of any more excuses, so let's wrap this up.

Students - the next time you casually stroll up to your 50 yard line seats carrying only your sports pass and cell phone, remember this. At that exact moment there is a family of 4 schlepping two toddlers and a diaper bag up to the 3rd deck of the Zone that subsidized your seats with their hard-earned American dollars. Don't let your cheap, fantastic seats go unused.

Also, some day you will have real responsibilities and obligations like 5 year old rec soccer games and elementary school fundraiser car washes on Saturdays and you will desperately yearn to be back at Kyle Field as a student. Trust me when I tell you that there will come a day when you would HAPPILY accept an early Saturday morning football game at Kyle Field with your friends against a weak conference opponent. Especially if it meant you get out of watching a 7 year old t-ball game or can avoid the mile long Honey-Do list your spouse has for you. Take advantage of your student tickets now, lest you have regrets later in life.

I have full confidence that the 12th Man I know will be loud and proud and in full effect on Saturday. No excuses, no regrets.

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