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Daily Bull 10.25.13

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HAPPY FRIDAY. Is it just me, or would this week just never end? Which is worse: the week after a loss or the week before a bye? These are important questions, and someone needs to answer them. Oh, and if you missed it last night, a decent game broke out between Mississippi State and Kentucky in the second half.

Yes. Sir. Again. Again. So Sumlin picked up Qualen Cunningham yesterday. That's three elite DL recruits in a week. Is the Swaggercopter taking advantage of the low fuel prices or what? Because you know Sumlin had the machine modified to take regular gasoline so he could just swoop into any gas station and pick up some jerky, peanuts, and a coke and shake some hands on the way out.

ATTENDANCE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS PAWL. The SEC overall is doing great attendance-wise, but as SDS reports, we are leading the pack. Looks like Bill Byrne's plan for not televising games to get people to show up is working...oh...wait...

WACHA! 22 year-old Aggie pitching legend Michael Wacha got his first World Series win last night against Boston. With the series tied 1-1 and heading back to St. Louis, we'll probably get to see him again.

Have a great Friday.