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Daily Bull 10.24.13

I don't feel tardy

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In real estate news. A certain website posted this article yesterday detailing the house hunting habits of a certain famous coach's wife. CALM DOWN, people, he just secretly enjoys hipster music and overhyped breakfast tacos and needs the house for weekends in the springtime.

Shades of gray? Spies have infiltrated the Bright Complex and shared this photo of some gray uniforms that we might wear this week. Will Vandy bring back the all gold look? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

ALREADY?!?! OK there are still several games to play, but there are also already basketball previews up. Breathe deeply.

Around GBH/SBN: If you've never read Breaking Madden, do it right now. (You don't even have to like Breaking Bad or Madden.) Don't forget to check out the Podcast, where the guys visited with Daylan Mack. And this piece on the history of yells is real slick, ya dig? HORSECOLLA