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Podcast #96 - Vandy Preview and Chatting with Daylon Mack

We kick off the show chatting with Daylon Mack and then we break down the game against Vanderbilt.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In case you've been under a rock or in a coma this week, Kevin Sumlin and Aggie Football landed a committment from 2015 DL Daylon Mack. The big fella was kind enough to join us for a few minutes and talk about his decision to commit, his goals when he arrives to Aggieland, his top XBox games, and more.

We also break down the Vanderbilt matchup and give our keys to the game and talk about what we'd like to see from the Ags after a tough loss to Auburn last week. Do you want to see the Aggies protect Johnny if he plays, or do you want them to let him go bananas and be out for blood? How about a little Trey Williams domination now that he's drawing comparisons to a young Barry Sanders? Let us know in the comments.

The show wraps up as we take you around the SEC and present our options for Jackass of the Week. Win, lose, or draw, the Good Bull Best Buds Voicemail line will be open after the game for you to share your postgame thoughts.

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