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Daily Bull 10.23.13

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Sorry, folks...THE TAILGATE is going to be....



coming along shortly; you didn't really think we'd torment you two weeks in a row, did you? (Wait, don't answer that.) In the meantime, stuff your pockets with the completely unsatisfying generic Halloween candy of links and rumors until you get to that giant fancy house with all the funny paintings that gives out the homemade brownies 3 at a time and the full-sized candy bars, not the mini ones dreamt up by lame '90s marketing execs.

In the meantimre, here's TelcoAg's press conference recap from yesterday.

Ain't no sling. Well, there was, but not anymore. After the initial freakout upon learning of said sling, it appears that everything is in order for Johnny to play this weekend.

Who are they? Vanderbilt's still trying to find an identity on the football field in 2013. Maybe they should just be spies or something, because they've gotten to 4-3 without an identity and just have to beat Kentucky and Wake to get to a bowl game.