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Daily Bull 10.22.13

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Fire up that YESSIR beacon. If you missed it yesterday, Sumlin landed another superstar defensive line recruit in Daylon Mack, even after a home loss. PLAYING TIME INTEREST = A+ apparently.

Now what? We've got Vanderbilt coming up this week, but of course we don't know that much about them. We'll be doing a Q&A later this week and spadilly's got your first look coming out later today.

Midweek action. Let's go ahead and get the next week of college football started. Louisiana-Lafayette takes on Arkansas State tonight on The Deuce. We even get an SEC-like substance on Thursday when Kentucky and Mississippi State square off. Complete TV schedule here, as always.

SEC Offensive Player of the Week. Another magical Kyle Field performance by a QB...oh. Still, congrats to Nick Marshall.