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Podcast #95 - Auburn Recap and The Voicemail Line

We didn't want to, but yeah, we talked about the Auburn game.

Thomas B. Shea

Blah. We talked about the Auburn game. Cherish every second we get to see Johnny and Mike Evans on the field Ags. We're fortunate to say we got to see those two legends on the field at the same time in the Maroon and White. Forgive my audio quality being lower than usual, this episode was recorded from the road.

We opened up the Good Bull Voicemail line early Sunday morning for the Aggie faithful to share their thoughts, and holy moly. I think we might need to rename it the Best Buds Hotline. We have a warning in the audio at the end, but make sure you stop playing the podcast before the voicemails start at the very end if you are in the workplace or are offended by profanity. Thanks for calling in, best buds.

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