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Daily Bull 10.2.13

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Bye week is halfway over, so that means we're what...10% closer to our next football game? Seems like it, but I'm no good at math.

Recapping. We had some great input yesterday in the FanPosts. JKeester's guide to watching football, DecadePlan's Kyle Field remebrance, and jimhu's Women's Basketball Preview are all excellent reads. And of course there is the Mack Brown Gov't Shutdown Furlough Scenario by T.B. Good grief. We have more great guest content lined up this week, but as always, don't be afraid to say your piece in the FanPosts if you like.

Winning. Sumlin addresses the fact that his name's flying around like crazy for the USC job with typical Sumlin pragmatism.

Sumlin added that he doesn’t address the rumors with his players, but such speculation is just part of the gig, and means him and his staff are doing things right.

Next up, practice as usual. Keep calm and Sumlin on.

It's officially official. RSJ will redshirt this year after knee surgery and have four years to play four after this. Here's to him being the future Mike Evans for the next few years.

SWAG. I don't really know what else to call this.