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Stop by and chat if you're sitting at home watching Gary and Uncle Verne.


Well, we're finally back in the comforting confines of Kyle Field after two away games sandwiched around a bye week. If you're here, you're probably not at the game, so let's talk about what's going on.


  • Johnny listens to "Pink" by Aerosmith 20 times on a loop during warmups, dons two pink armsleeves, and throws for 700 yards.
  • Deshazor and Raven flip a coin for the safety positions at the beginning of each quarter. They each get a pick and 10 tackles.
  • Mike Matthews snaps left-handed for the entire first half just to jack with the Auburn defensive line.
  • Dave South loudly devours a large bag of Cheetos during the broadcast, leaving Dave Elmendorf even more befuddled than usual.
  • Cam Newton is spotted on the A&M sideline cutting up with Johnny during the 4th quarter. The game is still close.
  • Mark Snyder gives this speech during halftime.

Let's enjoy some football and BTHO Auburn, folks!