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Daily Bull 10.18.13

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OK, it's Friday. We'll get through one more day of class or work and then delve into some college football. This is your end-of-week reminder that you should remember that there are only about four months out of the year that can technically be counted as college football season, so enjoy it.

TAILGATIN'. Famed FanPoster @jlemmons96 has got you covered as far as what you'll need to stay ahead of the game over the next few weeks regarding tailgating paraphernalia legal merchandise. Yes...cookies and other things are involved. But so are other things as awesome as fake binoculars disguised as a flask.

BOOOOOOOOO! Clay Travis of course did this a good two weeks before Halloween. Naturally your erstwhile GBH managers were kicking around ideas the very day before, but that doesn't ease the pain one bit. Here are our best entries. Be sure to vote for your favorite, and if anyone thinks we weren't planning to do some JFF Halloween Photoshops this year no matter what, then I don't know what to tell you. You should know us by now. Get a dog?

(Johnny Hancock is good, and deserves praise. Thank you, @kujo30 and @williamplynch.)

HEY LOOK A THING ABOUT THAT THING IN THE NFL. It wasn't even a bye week, but we got to hear about it.Uhh...go Case? I don't really know or care about NFL one way or another but if it makes KDS look good I'm all for it.