12 Tailgating Supplies That Think Outside the Maroon Koozie

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We have 4 home games left this football season, dear Aggies. Let that sink in for a minute. Done pouting? Ok, let's continue and look at this beer bottle as half full. There are 4 more opportunities to tailgate with the BEST, so I scoured the Internetz for tailgating supplies that think outside the typical maroon koozie. (Click headers for product pages.)

1. The Go Plate

How flipping genius is this? You can hold your beverage and food and still have a free hand to give a Gig ‘em in your party pics. These are even dishwasher safe, so you could actually use them more than one time (if you can remind your drunk friends to not throw them away).

2. In Dog Beers stadium cups

    This is brilliant. Insert your own Reveille joke here.

    3. Collegiate Tailgate Bundle

      I love the vintage vibe of these football ticket placemats and coasters. The football field paper table runner and pennant banner are a classy addition to any tablescape. Sidenote - check out the teams available for purchase. Cue the Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the others...."

      4. Reusable Drink Labels

        Forget your Sharpie or maybe Johnny accidentally took it with him after he signed an autograph for you? Never fear - these drink labels will sort out whose cups is whose. My favorite is "Illegal Contactor".

        5. Ice Luge Drinking Mold

          Now that the temperatures outside are getting cooler, this would be awesome. The description from the website says it best: "Taking shots from a solid block of ice not only chills your liquor, it impresses guests and creates incredible photo ops. Make it happen." Indeed.

          6. Secret Binocular Flask

            I could do an entire Fanpost on how to sneak booze into Kyle Field, but these are a classic. Not that I would ever sneak a flask into Kyle Field. No, no, no. Never.

            7. Beer Pong Islands Set

              Don't have enough room at your tailgate for a long beer pong table? No worries! These beer pong islands are lightweight and portable.

              8. Southern Living Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook

                Take your tailgate cooking up a notch with the only SEC approved tailgating guide.

                9. Aggie Salt and Pepper Shakers

                  We all know you can make salt & pepper shakers out of empty Corona bottles, but these are adorable and would make a good hostess gift if you are invited to a new tailgate and want to make a good impression.

                  10. I Miss C-Stat Cups

                    Hell, yeah - these are fantastic. Really perfect for an away game tailgate.

                    11. Personalized napkins

                      There are so many options for personalized napkins and cups that there is no excuse for being boring.

                      12. Personalized Eats

                        Don't forget a sweet end to your tailgate with personalized Aggie eats. Bakeries all over will custom make cookies for you, so you don't have to attempt a DIY.

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