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Last week was a bit wild. Will the October surprises continue?

Chin up, Hugh. You covered the spread!
Chin up, Hugh. You covered the spread!
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: This is going to be a mildly abbreviated guide this week due to time constraints. And being published the same day as The Tailgate. No way that we wanna compete with that weekly masterpiece for pageviews. Not that it needs to be said, but go savor Stewade's craftsmanship and thacktor's wit.


The chaos we were anticipating? It kinda sorta happened. We finally saw some ranked teams getting upset, having sniffed out a few and whiffed on one major selection. Looking at you, Bob Stoops. We went 3-2 on our major bets, but struck out on three straight in the bonus bets section, putting us ever-so-slightly down for the week. Frustrating.

Arizona at USC -6 (+70 GBHs) The invigorated Trojans, free from Kiffin, raced out to a 28-3 lead and hung on in the second half to cover by a point. Let's see if that Orgeron shine lasts.

OU -14 vs. texas (-77 GBHs) Think it's safe to say that few saw this coming. Zone read, Bob Stoops? Why would you want to run that against a team that HASNT BEEN ABLE TO DEFEND IT FOR YEARS?! No, let's try to make Blake Bell a pocket passer instead. Brilliant. And the icing on the cake? Case McCoy actually threw two really nice touchdown passes. That puts him over his 2013 season's quota of one. Turns out neither of these teams are any good.

A&M at Ole Miss +6 (+70 GBHs) Does much need to be said? We all watched, right? The Ags were dead to rights on about three separate occasions in the second half, but we've got Johnny. And some kicker named Lambo, who did all of us degenerates a favor by sealing the three point A&M win and avoiding the perils of overtime.

Mizzou +8.5 at Georgia (+70 GBHs) Everyone's upset special delivered. But taking a look at the box score, what fueled the victory was Georgia turnovers. Keep that in mind as Mizzou has gone from undervalued to potentially overvalued in about a three week span.

Arkansas +6 vs. South Carolina (-77 GBHs) Arkansas scored a touchdown on the opening drive and then... yea... well... that was about it. Connor Shaw is a bit of a homeless man's Johnny Football. And after four straight losses the pigs may be ready to quit. Remember, Bielema took over an already built Badger team. He's never had to deal with this sort of situation as a head coach.

Florida +7 at LSU (-22 GBHs) How about some points when ya get to the opponent's side of the 50, Gators? This number was dead as soon as Matt Jones left with an injury. Still tantalizingly close to a backdoor cover.

Baylor at KSU OVER 73 (-22 GBHs) The Art Briles OVER ATM malfunctioned in Manhattan.

Cal at UCLA OVER 73 (-22 GBHs) 34 first half points and then 10 in the second half? What the hell, late night PAC games? It's like we don't even know you anymore!

The tiny cuts hurt last week, dropping us 10 GBHs in total. Still, we're halfway through the seasons [wipes away tear] and that constitutes our second worst week. Not bad. Onward.

Current Bankroll: 10422 GBHs

THE GAME Georgia -7.5 at Vandy

Predictably, the public loves the Dawgs against seemingly lowly Vandy. Yet the line has tightened up from 9.6 to 7.5. Injuries and guys named James Franklin continue to be a problem for Georgia.

THE BET Vandy +7.5 (77 GBHs to win 70)

THE GAME Florida -3 at Mizzou

Florida's power rating is quite a bit higher than Mizzou, and as said earlier, the Tigers got some good turnover fortune last week. Now they have an unproven freshman quarterback against Muschamp's defense?

THE BET Florida -3 (77 GBHs to win 70)

THE GAME Texas Tech -7 at WVU

The standard smart money play that regular readers will recognize at this point. The public likes the "free money" of the undefeated Red Raiders against the "awful" Mountaineers, but the wiseguys have moved the line from 8.5 to as low as 6 at some outlets. You should be able to find it at 7.

THE BET WVU +7 (77 GBHs to win 70)

THE GAME Washington +3 at Arizona State

Another curious line, with the public all over a road underdog. Coming off two hard fought emotional defeats, Washington is in a spot where they're likely to be unprepared, and the Sun Devils play big at home.

THE BET Arizona State -3 (77 GBHs to win 70)

THE GAME FSU at Clemson +3

The public is all over Clemson here, but the line has only oscillated between 3 and 2.5. FSU has the talent edge at most positions on the field, especially on the lines. And oh yea, at quarterback, too. Yea, that's right. Winston is better than Boyd.

THE BET FSU -3 (77 GBHs to win 70)

Bonus Bets

Notre Dame -3 vs. Southern Cal (22 GBHs to win 20) In which Ed Orgeron reminds us why he's a great recruiting coordinator and a terrible head coach.

LSU at Ole Miss OVER 60 (22 GBHs to win 20) Mettenberger & Co. are good for 40+ alone. And Bo Wallace is ready to chip in another 20, distributed festively between both teams.

Oregon State at Cal OVER 69 (22 GBHs to win 20) Because topping 69 late Saturday night is on everyone's to-do list, amirite? AND DAMNIT PAC12 WE DEMAND LATE NIGHT TOUCHDOWNS! LOTS OF THEM!

Savor the weekend, as the season will be over before we know it. And let's have all the fumbles and missed FGs break our way. Amen.