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Daily Bull 10.16.13

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OK, first the bad news. As you may have seen on the Twitterverse, this week's TAILGATE is off by a day. But don't worry; we've got plenty going on today to keep you from working.

Auburn notes. Malzahn announced yesterday that Nick Marshall will get the start after not playing this past weekend. Marshall is a decent running QB and OHHHHH NOOOOO that's not fun to read---

Malzahn also referred to Manziel as a "great backyard player" and in this case he's right if you just consider the national spotlight his own private backyard.

Pressers everywhere. Aggie Athletics has you covered.

On Labhart: you might have heard about his roundabout journey to major contributor at wide receiver, but it's worth another read either way. It's why we love college football so much.

Probable. Probably. Probably Probable. Coach KDS tags Deshazor and Floyd with his latest phrase for "day-to-day" status for Auburn. I'll take either one, but both would be great. Everett back to corner? Raven to strong safety? SPECULATE, AGS.

And tune in around 9:15 for a very, VERY special podcast that features an interview with one of the best in the business. The business being college football writers, in this case.