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Daily Bull 10.15.13

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Ready for Auburn. Sumlin and the senior leaders of the team were all business when it came down to talking about facing Auburn in the post-game interviews Saturday night. There was some nice confidence from Lambo, though, and that's to be expected after the game-winner. DISCLAIMER: comments in link.

SO MUCH POWER. Team Speed Kills has your updated SEC Power Poll (it's sort of a mess right now) and look we jumped to #3. Movin' up by default, Pawl!

Podcast Podcast. Final thoughts from Saturday night and yes, already hype for next year's TAILGATE and Red Cup Rebellion Hate Week threads for when the Rebels finally have to come to Kyle Field after those two losses.

Operation "Disrupt". Auburn DC Ellis Johnson has already decided there's no point in planning on containing Manziel and will focus all his energy on some sort of "disruption" this Saturday. Perhaps he will smuggle an inappropriate video clip into the control room or stage a heated dispute over the PA system in the press box to cause a major disruption, because I'm not sure that Auburn defenders (improved though they may be) can disrupt him on the field when Alabama defenders were unable to do so.