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Daily Bull 10.14.13

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Columbus Day, with a special shoutout to all you other suckers stuck in the office. We'll get through this Monday of Mondays together with some football talk.

HEY WAIT ISN'T THAT ILLEGAL OR SOMETHING. Drake wearing a Manziel jersey while watching Manziel on TV. It's like celebrityception.

ICE WATER. That's what Lambo's got coursing through his veins.

"I really wasn't that nervous and had a lot of confidence, no matter the distance," said Lambo, a former first-round Major League Soccer draft choice of FC-Dallas who tried out for football at Texas A&M last spring. "It was my best kick of the night."

Aaand that's a record. The SEC placed eight teams in the AP Top 25, the most ever by a single conference. And hey look, we see you creepin' up there Auburn. That means another ranked game this weekend.