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Post Game Thoughts—Cherish This Moment

Texas A&M downs Ole Miss 41-38 in another crazy night game in Oxford.

Michael Chang

First, all of Aggieland sends our thoughts and prayers to Serderius Bryant.

I am feeling so many things. So very many things. And I've had a lot to drink. And I'm still drinking. I'm going to criticize because there is much to criticize. But I think every single Texas A&M fan worldwide should take a moment to appreciate where we are.

I've been an A&M fan all of my life. I have an A&M tattoo. Truth is that I've never had many opportunities for hope related to Aggie football. But I'll be honest...when we got the ball back late....when the ball got into Johnny's hands, I had no doubt that we would win the game.

Think about that. No doubt whatsoever. You knew that Johnny was going to be Johnny and put us in position to win the damn game. Despite every single misstep (that I'm about to cover). Despite every screw knew that Johnny would somehow find a way to win.

Amazing. He is the best college football player of all time. I'd love for someone to give me a legit case as to why Johnny doesn't deserve his second Heisman trophy. Cherish every minute, Ags. We only get him for 7 more games.

Now on to critiques and please remember that I've been drinking heavily:


Disjointed. Discombulated. Inconsistent. Mindbogglingly odd. What was the game plan? It's almost as if we forget sometimes that hey, we have an OL full of NFL talent (although I will say that I was somewhat disappointed by their play at times in this game) and RBs in every shape and size, not to mention a tight end who is waiting on a breakout moment...OH HEY, LOOK LET'S GO 5 WIDE WITH NOBODY IN THE BACKFIELD LULZ.

I dont get what we're trying to do on offense. We put up 41 points when we could have easily had 60. Easily.

I am the biggest Ben Malena fan you'll find. But Trey has been killing it for us the past few weeks and we don't return the favor. We gave him the ball 7 times. That's it. 7. This is hard to come out of my mouth to say but a healthy Trey Williams is the best back on our team. By far.

Malcome Kennedy--I've been hard on you, but you came up big tonight. Huge catches (even if one of them was a BS call of a non-catch). Great game.

Lastly on Travis Labhart. I've met this kid and he's fantastic. He's been a practice player on both the men's and women's basketball teams, and has now gone from being  walk-on to a scholarship player on our football team. He's a great kid all around. 8 catches for 97 yards is damn fine work.

Johnny. Sigh. My heart fell when you grabbed your knee. I realize that it's moments like that which will drive you to the NFL, and I can't blame you. Man.


Bend but don't break worked for us for two weeks straight. We gave up 462 yards to a pretty decent offense, but our defense buckled down when they needed to. Our inability to get a pass rush should concern all of us, but (and I hate this phrase) it is what it is. Our defense is who we thought they were. They got the job done.

I will tell you that I wanted to vomit when we gave up a 14 play, 75 yard drive led by their backup QB where they lined up and basically hit us in the mouth over and over and over again. I don't want to think about what would have happened had Brunetti not gone out with an injury.

Howard Matthews. I don't know that I have enough words to express my feelings. I hate faulting individuals in these things because I'm a 33 year old dude with no athletic talent whatsoever, and I have no idea what it's like to play in a college football game. But man... Matthews had a rough, rough game.

The story of this game is twofold: our defense got stops when they needed to, and Johnny was Johnny. 31/39 for 349 with 124 yards rushing.

We are in the presence of greatness. Each and every single one of us will tell our grandkids about how we got to watch Johnny Manziel play college football.


Offense: Disjointed. Convoluted. Confusing. Travis Labhart. Trey Willams. Tempo.

Defense: That drive in the 3rd Quarter was simply brutal. They lined up and just hit us in the damn mouth over and over again. Their back up QB put together a 14 play 75 yard drive.


Mike Evans walking on people's heads.

Johnny Football dives into the end zone.

Trey Williams has wheels.

Bo Wallace is a punk and leaves the game without shaking any hands.

Josh Lambo's Field Goal is GOOOOOOODDDDDD!