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Daily Bull 10.10.13


Wesley Hitt

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Good morning, Aggies. Welcome to Thursday on Good Bull Hunting. We have a lot of fun in store for you today, starting with a very well-done piece by RCB05. Change a Letter, Ruin a Mascot has some pretty hilarious results. I would have liked to see a take on the Texas Tech Bed Raiders, Auburn Ligers and the TCU Corned Frogs; but I'm a weird guy.

Candygram. Whatever you do, do not mention the Landshark bit to an Ole Miss student. Most of us here in Aggieland found out yesterday the meaning of this move to the Ole Miss student body in the comments section of The Tailgate. After an initially heated debate, I think we all came to the conclusion that Kenny Gant stole the bit from Chevy Chase in a bar fight back in 1824.

Marketing! Branding! Messaging! This article basically says that the move to the SEC was an intelligent one. Complete 180 in the narrative from a year and a half ago.

Kevin Sumlin is Awesome. As my completely evocative heading implies, Kevin Sumlin is a good football coach, leader and all around great guy. Mr. Lester's article links to the Forbes article from earlier in the week, so if you missed that...well, I have nothing to say to you. I think most companies could benefit from a weekly "The Truth" meeting, though.

Stick around for the rest of the day, we've got a nice slate of content for you to read instead of being a productive member of society. Good Bull Hunting: Reading our crap will make you more productive than the entire US Government for the last 10 days.