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Where's the chaos?

Dr. Bo operates with the precision of the already-overserved gentleman in the sportsbook at 10am.
Dr. Bo operates with the precision of the already-overserved gentleman in the sportsbook at 10am.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 college football season has been remarkably predictable to date. Blowouts, very few shakeups in the Top 10, and power teams covering at a solid clip. So... where's the chaos? Will we have to wait til November or will things get rolling sooner, if at all? Week seven lacks a true bevy of marquee matchups, but we can still have fun perusing the sportsbook board for value and seeing if Baylor continues to nuke bookmakers.


After a hiccup in week five, we returned to profitability with another winning week. For those keeping track of such things, that makes five winning weeks and one losing week in 2013. Luckily we had no play on the Ohio State - Northwestern game, which featured a Hall Of Fame Bad Beat (if you were on the Wildcats +6) or a ridiculously undeserved win (if you were a member of the army of squares that took the Buckeyes). Naturally, national sports gambling treasure Brent Musburger was on the call.

Georgia Tech +6 at Miami (-66 GBHs) It may be time to give up on Paul Johnson's Yellowjacket squad. This iteration of his usually disciplined group plays sloppy football when it matters, giving up three straight TDs late after closing the gap to 24-23 with 10 minutes and change remaining. Still not convinced Miami is all that great.

Tennessee +10.5 vs Georgia (+60 GBHs) How does one book a ticket on the express elevator to hell? By profiting on the injuries of woefully undercompensated college athletes. UGA was a MASH unit by the end of this game, and was, shall we say, fortunate to escape with a win. Good thing that bro wearing a Herschel Walker jersey in the stands was there to catch passes from Aaron Murray.

Auburn +3 (+60 GBHs) Ole Miss' run defense is questionable, Bo Wallace's accuracy is... uh... not-so-good, and Malzahn has the Tigers playing with confidence at home. Auburn took control early and Ole Miss never seemed to get in sync.

Mizzou +1 (+60 GBHs) A laugher, with Mizzou racing out to a 20-0 lead and never looking back. It seems the secret's out on Pinkel's group, as there's been a lot of media coverage roughly equating to "Holy shit! Mizzou's in the SEC and they're 5-0 and stuff!" this week. Amazing what a healthy OL will do for a team.

Arizona State -6 (-66 GBHs) Not much to say on this one other than a pretty impressive effort by the Irish. Didn't think they had it in 'em. Arizona State seems to have settled into the role of a team that could either blow someone out or lay an egg. Saturday it was the latter. This game also served to prove just how right USC was in canning Kiffin after the drubbing in Tempe the week prior.

WVU at Baylor OVER 70.5 (+20 GBHs) It's always pleasant when the over cashes early in the third quarter. Keep on doin' what ya do, Bears.

Arkansas at Florida -11.5 (+20 GBHs) As expected. Florida charitably yielded Arkansas an early TD and then proceeded with the asphyxiation.

Ohio St. at Northwestern OVER 60.5 (+20 GBHs) We'd feel ashamed if the aforementioned 0:00 TD pushed this over, but we were already good, unlike tOSU's defense.

Totaling it up, we added 108 GBHs this week, perfectly erasing our losses from the week prior. Prudent bankroll management has kept us healthy and stable. We'll try to seek out contrarian plays this week as teams improve or start to show cracks in the thick of the season.

Current Bankroll: 10432 GBHs

THE GAME Arizona +6 at USC

A late night Thursday PAC game! The public is on a road underdog here in Arizona, yet the line has edged toward USC. That tips off a smart money contrarian play. There's no doubt that USC has the talent edge. Decisively. Coming off a bye week and with a looser mood following Lane's comical exit, expect to see the Trojans flex their muscle at home.

THE BET USC -6 (77 GBHs to win 70)

THE GAME t.u. +14 vs OU

For those that have followed this series throughout the Brown and Stoops years, there's been one guiding rule: When Bobby has the chance to kick Mack's teeth in, Bobby kicks Mack's teeth in. And in 2013 Bobby has a chance to kick Mack's teeth in this year. Probably for the last time. It's a square play of the worst kind, but Case McCoy against that OU defense is bad, bad news.

THE BET OU -14 (77 GBHs to win 70)

THE GAME A&M +6 at Ole Miss

We've hesitated to play on A&M - other than in a few Bonus Bet totals - due to obvious emotional clouding of judgment. But objectively, this spot sets up really well for the Rebels. The public has been gangbanging the A&M road favorite side while the line has held firm. Ole Miss is coming off two tough road losses and now finds themselves fighting for their season. At home. At night. And in a revenge game.

THE BET Ole Miss +6

THE GAME Mizzou +8.5 at Georgia

While Mizzou is finally attracting some attention, the betting action is actually rather balanced and the line has moved in the Tigers' favor. Georgia is just so beat up right now, while Mizzou comes in healthy, firing all cylinders, and with something to prove. The Dawgs don't have the skill position firepower to pull away and win by two scores, and if you trust the UGA defense to hold Mizzou in check late, then you're a bold soul.

THE BET Mizzou +8.5

THE GAME South Carolina -6 at Arkansas

Have folks just not noticed that USCe is good, not great? Apparently not, as the Cocks are a public favorite in Fayetteville. They have a knack for playing really poorly in stretches, which is not a recipe for covering on the road in conference. In the midst of a three game losing skid, Arkansas will go kitchen sink at home to get back in the win column.

THE BET Arkansas +6


Florida +7 at LSU (22 GBHs to win 20) Still think Florida with Murphy at QB is undervalued, even going into Death Valley.

Baylor at KSU OVER 73 (22 GBHs to win 20) Not gonna get off Art Briles' touchdown train until it breaks down.

Cal at UCLA OVER 73 (22 GBHs to win 20) Soft defenses + Explosive offenses = Late night PAC12 points!

Enjoy the action, y'all. And may all the crazy dumb-ass-luck finishes be in your favor.