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Podcast #91 - Ole Miss Preview and a Recruiting Chat

We preview the matchup against Ole Miss and get everyone caught up on the recruiting whirlwind that took place during the bye week.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Thank goodness the bye week is behind us. That was brutal. We're bringing you the Ole Miss preview in the latest podcast as we talk about the key things we want to see from the team after having a very well-timed bye week. One thing we can all agree on: Let's try to avoid 6 turnover this time, no? While it looks like we're getting some guys back and healthy, the Kirby Ennis news just sucks. We're praying for ya Kirby, get well soon my man.

Taylor Hamm from GigEm247 joined us to get everyone caught up on the wild recruiting week for the Aggie staff. With coaches covering the country, there is sure to be both good and bad news for you to catch up on. We talked about it in the show, but go ahead and check out Myles Garrett's latest Hudl highlight reel. Grown. Ass. Man.

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