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Daily Bull 10.1.13

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Wait WHAT it's October already? Seems like yesterday we were caught in an endless loop of August frustration and uncertainty. Now we're already five games in. Slow down, college football season.

In case you were off the grid yesterday, DeLoss Dodds is reportedly stepping down today. The full effect of the move's implications really depend on the transition timetable, which has not yet been defined. The implication for us is of course whether or not they'll make their way back onto our schedule, so we've got a special Editorial POINT/COUNTERPOINT coming at you soon to open that discussion.

Thanks, Captain Comeback. Roger Staubach espouses the radical notion that intangible things like football instinct might determine NFL success just as much as other things that scouts love to dissect. [INSERT DRAFT ANALYSIS PHRASE HERE]

POWER BALLOTS OH YEAH. Team Speed Kills breaks ranks the SEC after last weekend's shakeup in Athens. We're still clinging to that #4 spot, but there were some shifts elsewhere.