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By the Numbers: The Cotton Bowl

Gorge yourself on delicious integers as we recount some interesting stats from Jerryworld.

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Points given up in the second half of the game to a very good offense. The first half was frustrating in that we were giving up a ton of short passes, and Landry Jones set a Cotton Bowl record for completions in a half. Coach Snyder made some great adjustments at halftime in his coverages.


Touchdowns given up to OU. The only other team to do that this year is playing in the MNC this Monday. Also the difference in the number of Jason White's Heisman votes received between Landry Jones and Johnny Manziel. Do you remember who had more?


Number of Gatorade baths given by the players at the end of the game. Right after they got Sumlin, they got Mark Snyder as well, and no one could possibly have been more deserving. Snyder has been nothing short of a magician this year. He has a core group of very good players and has done a great job of getting the best out of his guys with not much depth.


Number of Gatorade baths there should have been. As great as Snyder has been, Larry Jackson has been even better. The conditioning on this team has been light years beyond that of any team in recent memory, especially on the defensive line. This began to tell midway through the second quarter when Jones started getting pressured and eventually threw the interception that tipped the balance of the game, thanks to Clarence McKinney's playcalling immediately following the turnover.


Rushing touchdowns, including one each by the two running backs. Our own Ranger222 pointed out our potential advantage earlier in the week in this regard, and it came to fruition. And while Manziel did have the lion's share of the yardage, most of that came on called QB runs (apart from the very first tightrope TD). We averaged a staggering 10.5 yards per rush on 31 run plays, with no sacks allowed.

4 (again).

Consecutive punts forced by the defense in the third quarter. OU ran 15 plays for 48 yards in that quarter. Halftime adjustments. Mark Snyder.


PATs made, out of 6. If there is one glaring issue going into next year, this is probably it. Bertolet clearly has the leg, so hopefully he can do work in the offseason and have a great season next year. If Sumlin is sticking with him, he's probably got the ability to be a sound kicker.


Receiving yards given up to Trey Millard. Millard is the rare pure fullback with good speed who can slip through coverages for huge gains, as we saw earlier in the year against lesser defenses. He had one catch Friday night. Jonathan Stewart and Howard Matthews were keying on him all game.


#7 scored his 7th TD of the season to put the nail in the coffin in his final game as a senior. It doesn't get much better than that. I was sitting in that end zone, and you could tell after his score how much it meant to him.


Catches by Ryan Swope, for 104 yards. Mr. Dependable. Great hands. Runs precise routes. Is another coach on the field. Reminds us of Wes We----- NO. HE IS FAST, AND HE'S THE ALL-TIME LEADING RECEIVER IN SCHOOL HISTORY. SHUT UP, ANNOUNCERS.


Highest number of plays we sustained in any drive. The most time we took for any drive was 3:00. Good-bye, Chip Kelly. We have a Kevin Sumlin in town now.


Tackles by Dustin Harris. He also had the key pick and an outstanding 1-on-1 pass deflection in the endzone that could have been called offensive pass interference. Great job on punt fielding, also. OU's punter is very talented and precise, and Dustin did a great job choosing between the fair catch and getting away.


Yards: longest play allowed by the defense. Yes, we did not allow ANY plays for 20+ yards against the second-best team in the best offensive conference in the nation.


to 13. Final score.


Total yards by Johnny Manziel. A new Cotton Bowl record. I guess we can put those worries about a Heisman hangover to rest now and just focus on the 8-month off-season hangover.


Amount of time until next season. Fortunately, we'll keep talking about Aggie football here as much as we can during this time. I will be doing a final 2012-2013 By the Numbers post, among others.