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Aggies Cap Off First SEC Season With Bowl Win Over Old Big 12 Foe


Ronald Martinez

This has been one hell of a ride hasn't it? Can't believe it's over. Let's try to break it all down one final time.

HEISMANZIEL -- Remember when Johnny was going to be rusty from missing so much practice time? Remember when he was going to gain all those pounds and be out of shape because of the award banquet circuit? Those were fun times. Johnny had over 500 total yards of offense again by himself, including 229 yards and a couple of touchdowns on the ground. To me, the most impressive thing was throwing some dimes up and down the field. Almost all of his passes were on point. Even his lone interception hit Malcome Kennedy in the hands in the endzone. We shouldn't be wowed anymore. Congrats Johnny and thank you for the incredible season.

MARK SNYDER'S BOYS SHUT IT DOWN -- I think a lot of us were sweating bullets for most of the first half with the poor defense we were playing. We came out in a 3-3-5 look with the outside linebacker playing opposite the nickel corner playing on the line of scrimmage. We also came out playing soft zone coverage. Landry Jones completed 77% of his passes in the first quarter, and without a couple of key 3rd and goal stops, we would have been in a big hole early. But in the second half, the defense stepped up and completely shut down Oklahoma. The Sooner offense was just out of rhythm. A tale of two halves just like the regular season -- sketchy defense for the first half, completely different unit in the second half that sealed the deal.

HERE IS TO YOU, SENIORS -- After the Alabama game, we talked about just how large of a role the senior class played in not only winning the game but turning around Aggie football. They went out in style and on top tonight. Touchdown catches by Ryan Swope and Uzoma Nwachukwu, an interception by Dustin Harris, and a sack by Sean Porter were just some of the highlights on the night. While some of the underclassman collected the individual awards this season, the seniors will get to come back to Aggieland for Saturdays in the fall and tell everyone how they were the class that turned it all around in a brand new era. All credit to them; if they don't believe in the new coaching staff as well as themselves, we wouldn't be here tonight.

GO HOME MIKE STOOPS, YOU'RE DRUNK -- At least I hope you were drunk calling those defensive plays. Playing man against Johnny Manziel? Haven't we talked about how that is a bad idea?

DEMONS EXORCISED -- Kevin Sumlin is really an Aggie demonic slayer. All the horrors of seasons past? Gone. Bad Aggie Syndrome? Cured. There is truly a new feeling around the football program and around Aggieland. Anytime Texas A&M now takes the field, you count on them winning. You might even know they will win. I wasn't nervous about this game at all. Were you? That is the confidence our head coach extrudes and our players and fans feed on. Soak it in. The Golden Era of Aggie Football is on the horizon.

THE OFFSEASON SUCKS -- August 31st can't get here soon enough. At least we get to look at a Heisman trophy and the new massive Cotton Bowl trophy for the next few months. Recruiting? Isn't our 2014 class filled by now? Will be by tomorrow. Rice, you're up next.

MCKINNEY AS OC PERMANENTLY? -- When you score 41 points and put up over 500 yards of total offense, you had a pretty good job interview. The offense didn't look too different with McKinney calling the plays. I like how we worked in a WR pass by Kenric McNeal and McKinney open up the playcalling down the field after big swings in the game, things I like. But it is amazing to me we didn't try to build a more consistent ground game. Oh well, didn't matter anyways. And why would you take the ball out of Johnny's hands anyway?

DON'T GO JOECKEL AND MATTHEWS -- But seriously Luke, if you can be the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, you need to go. Jake, you stay right here and play with your brother. No buts.

SEC! SEC! SEC! -- Fun to finally chant SEC back to one of our Big 12 foes, even if it was one we liked the most. It is been an incredible first season that nobody saw coming. I wouldn't trade it in the world for anything. Here is to many, many more in the future.