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Talk Aggie Hoops with us During the Game Today at 5

We're going to experiment with a live broadcast during the Aggie Hoops game today at 5PM. Come join us in the chaos.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Aggies will be back on the hardwood today after a quick turnaround following their loss to Florida. We're taking our usual game threads to a whole new level by experimenting with a live broadcast during the game to talk about what we see on the court from start to finish. We've got everything set up so Aggie basketball fans can call in during the game and talk with us about the game, or whatever else you're up to. Along with the live broadcast and taking calls, we'll also have a live chat running for everyone to use. We're pretty excited about giving this all a run tomorrow, so join us from 5-7PM during the game for what should be a lot of fun, or a huge disaster. Either way, it will be fun.

You can listen live at

If you want to join the live chat, listen via this link and click in the chat window: Aggies vs. Tide Broadcast and Chat

The call in line to talk with us is 347-237-4898.


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