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#48: Ryan Epperson

Our tribute to the Seniors continues


Ryan Epperson is the latest in a long line of dependable Aggie punters. The four-year starter capped off a great senior season with a 42-yard average, pinning the opponent inside the 20 yard line on nearly a third of those kicks (13/41) and only had one touchback the entire year.

Fortunately, Epperson was not called upon to punt very much this season. Thanks to the dynamic new offense and Johnny Manziel, he averaged just over three punts per game, but made the most of the limited opportunities. His accurate placements were key in keeping us in the close, field-position games against LSU and Florida. A technically proficient punter, Epperson did not have a single kick blocked in 2011 or 2012 as a full-time starter.

Key Performance:

Northwestern game, 2011. In a game with an interim coach and without our top two running backs, Epperson played a key role in making sure Northwestern's potent offense faced a long field. He booted four punts for a 45 yard average, even pinning them once inside the five. This consistency in flipping the field would help us to our first bowl victory in ten years, creating a foundation for the success of the 2012 team.

We here at GBH wish Ryan the best and thank him for his years of consistency at an underappreciated position. Hopefully we'll have someone else step in next year and continue the tradition.