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GBH will be touring the Tailgates: Are you ready?

For the first time in the long-storied saga of Good Bull Hunting, we will be making the rounds at the tailgating scene around Kyle Field tomorrow on gameday. With our handy video recording device in tow, we want to talk to as many Aggies and Gatahs as possible tomorrow prior to kickoff. We will probably be carrying around our huge 3' x 5' GameDay banners (see photos).

Banner-hatebarn_mediumAre you going to be tailgating? Let us know and we will stop by your tailgate to talk to the crew. We want to hear about your thoughts on the gameday experience, predictions on the game, and we need an answer on how to pronounce "Gatah".

Florida fans, don't be shy. We'd especially appreciate it if you would kindly embarrass yourselves on camera. Just, well, just be yourself. Some are calling this an attempt for the guys at GBH to pillage all of your food and adult beverages. That's just appalling that you would think that, but you're sort of right. Okay, you're all the way right.

Also be sure to post any GameDay signs you are taking to the show and we'll feature the best ones on the site. Be on the lookout for Derek, Michael, and the Cupster. Hit Derek up on Twitter and let him know where you're tailgating, and we'll make you FAMOUS*.


* Disclaimer: By famous, we mean make you look silly. So there's that.