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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25: Week 1 Ballot

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

Rip this thing to hell and back. I'm of this crazy old cultish religion called [name redacted] where we believe the first polls should be released in October. We can still have fun with some fodder arguing about the slotting of teams even though this all fixes itself in the coming weeks. QUICK HITS SPROTS RADIO WITH THE COLORADOMAN:

  • "I don't care what you say, Alabama is the best team in the land." - some ballsy take you'll hear in drive-time radio today
  • The drop off after the top four teams is substantial. I am very much in "wait and see" mode with Florida State, Georgia, Clemson, West Virginia, etc.
  • It was a treat watching Michigan State's Le'Veon Bell touch the ball 50 times in an old school Big 10 victory over Boise State. Mark Dantonio knows this isn't a six game schedule, right? In similar one-dimensional approaches, South Carolina ran a veer all night that appeared to be some sickening hazing for Connor Shaw. I am intrigued with both Sparty and the Cocks, but I'd like to see a little balance in Week 2.
  • Savannah State's administration should have to answer some questions after the cash grab trip to Stillwater that threw those boys into a game they had no business playing.
  • It's no secret that I love Notre Dame, but they were very crisp during Saturday's breakfast game. Yes, it's Navy, but Notre Dame's front seven showed that it might be one of the elites in the country. Long, athletic, and veteran in all the right areas. The secondary is going to be cause for concern all year, but Kelly has the Irish trending in the right direction.
  • I slotted Virginia Tech prior to watching that mess against Georgia Tech. I'm sure we'll all feel better when one of those teams gets to go to the Orange Bowl.
  • There is good football being played in the Beehive State by BYU and the Jack Mormons in Salt Lake City.
  • Aside from the Buckeyes (and Sparty and Corn kind of), the Big 10 looks as soft and doughy in the midsection and ass as a Polish farmer in French Lick, Indiana.