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Friday Links For You To Click On

They're links. From the web. About Texas A&M Football. Click on them.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for what they’ve done to help spread the word about The Tailgate. Stewade, JP and I can’t believe the positive response we’ve gotten for this little thing and it’s been really fun to write so … thank you. That’s link number one. On to the real stuff.

Wait, there's a football game this weekend? - Apparently, when the Aggies take the field against Arkansas, the team that scores points while allowing the other team fewer points than they have earned will be the victor. Also, urine will be heated to uncomfortably warm temperatures on the Arkansas sideline. #GYPH

Keys to the Game? What does that mean? – Keys to get in? Keys to victory? Keys that one would use to unlock a secret portal filled with Aggie treasures? WHAT KIND OF KEYS DO YOU MEAN?!?!

Score predictions are like a-holes… - Everyone’s got them and all of them mean shit is coming out soon. This includes mine from Wednesday. Score predictions are the “free sample” of college football. They get you hooked and keep you coming back for more.

JFF to star in new video game: Pussy Hero – He rescued a cat, y’all. He’s a hero to the feline community. All your kitty is belong to Johnny Football. Oh, and he’s got to “pick his spots” to win this week.

Link me and I’ll link you back– It’s the second score prediction I’ve listed, but these guys linked to The Tailgate so they get a coveted spot on Thacktor’s list of links for you to click on. For what it’s worth, they took A&M. Why does all of this make me nervous? BAS must be kicking in. Anyone know a good therapist?