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Rainy with a 100% chance of JFF touchdowns. (REAL WEATHER INFO)

KBTX Meteorologist Shel Winkley has all of the weather info you need for this Saturday's showdown with the Hogs. I caught him in the middle of deciding whether to wear a poncho on the Jumbotron for this week's forecast. PONCHO OUT KYLE FIELD!

Paul Gilham - Getty Images

Saturday's Forecast

Scattered showers will be drifting in from the west -- possibly as early as around sunrise Saturday morning. Breakfast at Kyle will have the chance for light to moderate rain falling through the early hours of the day -- so keep the bacon covered. (nobody likes watered down bacon) Game time: rain chance will only continue to increase as the day wears on. 50% chance of steady rain falling at kickoff, increasing to a 60% to 70% shot at rain (heavier at times) throughout the game, especially for the second half. Post game is still a bit of a gamble. Our in-house computer model begins to dry the rain up by 3pm to 4pm. Other computer models bring the heaviest of the rain in by late Saturday. I'd plan on rain to be safe. The general idea is scattered showers early in the day turning into one big blob of rain moving across the radar screen through the game.

You can track the storms at on your computer before leaving for Kyle, on your cell phone during the game (that is if you can get cell service), following @KBTXWeather on Twitter or downloading the KBTX News mobile app for iphone and android phones.

Game Attire

A Maroon Poncho would be a good investment -- even if the Aggie Dome holds (if it does, I'll probably gain 10 more gray hairs on my head) it is never too late to make a plastic fashion statement. Umbrellas aren't allowed at Kyle...but maybe umbrella hats are?

There shouldn't be much of a wind, but if the steady rain falls as it seems, that ball is going to be a bit harder to hold on to. The passing game may become stunted...better press those cleats into the ground a little harder for the running game. Kyle has a top notch drainage system...but that turf will get slippery quick.

Score Prediction

Same as every game...Ags win by 2007 points (ol' army fight)