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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 4 Ballot

Good Bull Hunting's Week 4 effort in the BlogPoll. See if you can spot the homerism!

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

  • I love Snyder's men from the Little Apple. I know this OU team was wildly overrated, but rolling into Norman and getting a W is a feather in the cap that few can claim. Ballsy.
  • Speaking of the Big 12-2-2+2, I have six of the league members ranked. I don't think any of them can put together a title run, and the conference winner could have a few losses.
  • I like this Texas A&M team. Before you flip out, the absurd beta after beating a Historically Black College is more a product of the plummeting on the lower half of the polls than any statement made on Saturday night. Take care of business the next couple weeks, and shit gets real with Louisiana Tech and State respectively.
  • I didn't lay waste to Clemson after their loss in Tallahassee. Their defense is as stable as a house of cards soaked in kerosene, however.
  • I am ready for league games to hit their stride. That answers many of the qualms and concerns we as obsessors may have.
Your thoughts and ire in the comments, por favor.