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Monday Links

It's lunch, and that means it's time to post up some links for your enjoyment.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Let's start by noting that it's Arkansas week, and T-murph is ready to go hoggin. Here are the highlights from the SC State game if you missed it:

MOAR STICKERS: Dustin Harris got a helmet sticker from ESPN this week for his insanity in the punt return department. Quick impression of everyone watching the 96-yard punt return, "Just let it go... OH SHIT DON'T PICK IT UP! ARE YOU FU...NO WAY...NO WAY...AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Offensive Link: In the last too weeks, the Ags have teed off on inferior competition. In the last two weeks, Arkansas has been taking Xanax and watching "Sex and the City" before games.

Frowny Face Fayetteville: The line forms to the left of the cliff, Razorback fans.

Your Coach is a Burner Phone: Seriously. What is John L. Smith's motivation to coach this team? He knew he was a lame duck going in, but damn. The media have attacked this guy like a dummy in a women's self-defense class - right to the nuts, over and over again. Dude, get an intern and a bike and exit gracefully like your predecessor.

She's got a hula hoop: And yoga pants. See?