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After Lunch Links


Good afternoon readers of GBH, it's time to give you a few articles to peruse while you pretend to work the rest of your Friday away. We've got quite the collection today and I'm excited to delve into serious subject matter with you today. Serious stuff like:

Punter U! Punter U! Punter U! - We have a badass punter, y'all. Thank God his brother went to Baylor so he didn't have to. Something something a greater love hath something. In the article Epperson says, "honestly I never really liked Waco much." He also said "The sky is blue" and "Water is wet."

There's a Spirit - I haven't gotten to watch the whole thing yet but I imagine you'll feel a cross between pride for your school and wanting to go guano on the first person you see in a sip shirt today. Big Game Brent does the narration for this puppy. It's hard to hear him now without thinking of faux-Texan Musburger during the McCoy days at t.u. Remember that Colt and Shipley's fathers called each other to plan pregnancies so they could be football roomies back in the day? Good story.

The Aggies Practiced This Week - Let me paraphrase this one for you. Ahem, "We've got a football game to play this week and we know that [opponent] plays football just like us. We take every game seriously and we're going to come in against the [opponent] fired up and ready to play a football game. I think that [opponent's coach] does a great job getting his players ready for the game and that's exactly what we're doing too. Should be a great matchup," said everyone.

If you hate these links, then send me better ones for Monday! I'm @thacktor on the twitter machine. I love you all. Potato. Potato. Potato.