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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 3 Ballot

Items for discussion:

  • Not much changes in the Top 10 with the exception of favorable bumps due to the USC plummet. I'll concede that I was wayyyyyy down on Stanford. Coach Shaw is working wonders off of what Harbaugh built, and those nerds will kick you in the damn mouth and taunt you ancient Greek style. They go from unranked to no. 10 in my poll. BLOGPOLLS!!!!!
  • I've been very homer on Notre Dame since the onset and it is starting to play out in my favor. The Irish play mean, fast, and stifling defense up front. It will be interesting to see how they play against a pass-first attack with talent, but their front seven is as good as I've seen all year led by stud/monster/good guy Manti T'eo.
  • The Florida Gators also get a bump in my poll for their back-to-back nice road performances. The offense is showing a lot of life and hitting a stride of sorts while the defense is fast and opportunistic.
  • Top 10 losers were punished for their performances.
  • I give a tip of the hat to the Ags because I think that Florida loss will continue to look "better" with each passing week. The team is young in crucial areas and will ahve some hiccups, but the defense is conditioned and relentless. Those hiccups will probably be balanced with a big upset somewhere along the way.
  • I like these Louisiana kids from Monroe. Go beat the Bears this weekend and confirm my own snide polling techniques.
Your thoughts and corrections and ire in the comments, por favor...