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I admit, I was a little worried about how our players would take last Saturday's setback against Florida. So I paid close attention this week to see how they would respond. Well, Mr. Porter is still onboard the Swaggercopter and he wants you to join him.

What a fascinating modern age we live in. Today, athletes and public figures are no longer dependent on the media to tell their stories. They promote themselves in 140 characters or less for all the world to see. The Twitterverse provides insight into a player's and vis a vis a team's psychological makeup. So lets check in with the Aggie players and see what's on their minds as they get ready for SMU

I think I know what this means, but I'm not sure. Either Damontre' is a member of #TEAMNOPANTS like me, or he has designs on murdering Garrett Gilbert. A big Good Bull Hunting shout out to Mr. Moore, who turned 20 this week. Happy Birthday, big guy!

I like where this man's head is.

These tweets say everything you need to know about these guys. They're competitive, positive, and not intimidated. More important, the loss didn't break them, it gave them resolve.

Me too, Cedric. So let's take a step towards bowl eligibility this week. Sometimes those bowl care packages have some sweet watches.

Speaking of clothing accessories, Trey Williams created quite a stir this week when he let people know he was trying to decide whom to give his Florida game gloves to. Nevertheless, Mr. Williams has his mind right, and now he's ready to break some ankles in Dallas this weekend.

So there you have it. A small peak inside the minds of our Aggie heroes as they gird up their loins to take the field against the Ponies on Saturday. Next week, in addition to our favorite tweets from the players, we will post a couple of our favorite tweets from our own Twitter followers. So give us a shout @GBHunting and let us know what you think about the site, the authors, the Aggies, or anything else!