The Geographical: The Waffle Houses of the SEC

During the week, I work in GIS (Geographic Information Systems, not Google Image Search). It's basically maps meet technology, using software to make maps and perform analysis. Naturally this led me to perform some needed analysis now that we are members of the SEC - how do we stack up against other SEC schools regarding the great Southern pastime that is The Waffle House? Poorly. Very poorly.


A picture may be nice, but an interactive webmap is even better*.

What I've done in this map is place every Waffle House within 25 miles (roughly) of the SEC schools. From most to least, the breakdown school-by-school is:

  • South Carolina - 26
  • Vanderbilt - 24
  • Kentucky - 16
  • Georgia - 13
  • Tennessee - 13
  • LSU - 12
  • Auburn - 8
  • Alabama - 5
  • Arkansas - 4
  • Mississippi St - 3
  • Florida - 3
  • Missouri - 2
  • Ole Miss - 1
  • Texas A&M - 0

Most of us Aggies already knew what was coming, but it needed reinforcing. There are NO WAFFLE HOUSES within 25 miles of B/CS. In fact the nearest locations are in Conroe over 50 miles away. Think of the potential a Waffle House in College Station (or even Bryan) could have. It could relieve some of the post-Northgate congestion from places like Antonio's and Whataburger. It could serve as a pre-tailgate meetup for visiting fans and Ags alike. It could provide another late night breakfast study spot for the current students.

Another thing we can draw from these results is that Waffle House proximity is not a determining factor in football success. If it were, the SEC East would be kicking ass. Could you imagine Vandy as the 2nd best football team in the SEC? All in all, I'm actually surprised at the smaller number of Waffle Houses near the SEC West schools.

Waffles appear to be the popular breakfast food item of the past year or so. Chicken and waffles have become a staple of most breakfast restaurants. Jack in the Box recently release their waffle breakfast sandwich. Hell, even A&M's concessions is offering a waffle burger now. With College Gameday in College Station last Saturday, one Aggie decided to say what many have been thinking for a while now:

At least our voices are now being heard:

*NOTE: This map is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not use as an accurate source of Waffle House locations. Geocoded addresses are not usually the most accurate.

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