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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25: Week 2 Ballot

Despite upsets in Logan, Corvallis, Little Rock, and Tuscon, Week 2 featured a hefty dose of blowouts against rubbish non-conference opposition. Some justification for my polling:

  • I know it was only East Carolina, but I continue to be bullish on the Gamecocks. I think Spurrier secretly loves the idea of a potential quarterback controversy between Connor Shaw (out this past weekend) and Dylan Thompson who performed admirably in substitution duty. "Well, can't have these boys gettin' all haughty and entitled and such." A home match up with Mizzou looks to be the only challenge left before a murderous October.
  • K-State continues to impress with an absolute thrashing of the Canes in Manhattan. I will continue sounding the Snyder Signal for all to hear until the Cats trip up.
  • Many teams in my 11-20 slots benefited merely by not screwing up this past weekend. We'll know a great deal more about Notre Dame and Michigan State after Saturday's game under the lights in East Lansing.
  • The Big 10 had a tough weekend. I kicked the Huskers and Badgers to the unemployment line after disappointing showings out in Pac-12 country. (This is what Big 10 teams do in the Pacific time zone, after all).
There is plenty of room to refute and emasculate by reasoning, and I encourage you to do so. The sample size on these teams is too small to vote with any real confidence, and sometimes I like to go against the writers and coaches just to be a contrarian asshole. Make a sound case for a change to the poll above, and I'll adjust for the final submission tomorrow.